NASA Time Trials NOLA Motorsports Park May 21,22 2016

The third event of the NASA Mid-south region Time Trials season was at the NOLA Motorsports Park on their 2.75 mile, 16 turn Indy track.
I took advantage of an Open Track Day on the Friday to try and learn the course layout and to get some experience. It was an overcast day and by the end of it I felt comfortable with the track and where I thought I could pick up more speed.
Saturday was a much hotter, more humid day and I was not happy with my times compared to Friday but I did get faster and got experience being on the track with other (mostly faster) cars.
Sunday cooled of some, and I was able to improve my times from Friday and Saturday, getting my fastest lap in the last session Sunday. The lap of 2:11.887 got me 4th in class, just outside the contingency pay out window.
I think my biggest issue was getting grip coming out of the turns – I could not get the power down. An LSD would be an awesome addition to the Abarth at this track. Unfortunately it is an expensive option so I think making sure I have newer tires next time will help.

Saturday Results and Sunday Results.


Not my fastest lap on Sunday (the GoPro corrupted that one unfortunately) but close.