NASA Time Trials Barber Motorsports Park July 30, 31 2016

Round 5 of the NASA Mid-South Time Trials season was held at Barber Motorsports Park on July 30 & 31.
The heat and humidity, particularly on Sunday, meant my car struggled for power and grip all weekend.

On Saturday at the end of the first 20 minute session the car cut power and would not boost above 10PSI. At first I thought it was in limp mode so I tried an ECU reset but that didn’t help. The 3rd session was cancelled due to a thunderstorm that moved through the area that came with a lot of lightening.
After the final session I dug into the engine bay and found the issue. It appeared a hose from the turbo had deteriorated to the point where it eventually detached from the T-piece it was attached to and the T-piece then melted!


The issues meant I ended up in 4th place out of four competitors in the TTD class Saturday with a 1:55.702 lap, beaten by just over .3 of a second by the 3rd place BMW Z4.

I made a trip to Autozone to pickup a replacement T and fitted that in the evening after the awards ceremony and dinner ready for Sunday.



Part the way through the first session I again lost boost. Back at the pits I found another vacuum line in the same area had broken. Thankfully enough line was left for a re-connection but everything was so hot under the hood I burned my arm on the Turbo piping getting it done. The things we do to get back on track!


The work and pain paid off and the car ran great the rest of the day. This was the first time I had run with the HPSI / RRM water injection system and the Alfa 4C coils installed. Both performed really well and the boost and power were much more consistent despite the heat. Definitely worth the work plumbing the water injection!

I ended Sunday 3rd in class with lap of 1:53.405, approx. 0.7 seconds ahead of the BMW Z4 that beat me Saturday:P

What made me extremely happy was that I had beaten my previous fastest lap by over 3.5 seconds. This I ran in February 2014 when temperatures were much cooler, I had better Toyo Proxes tires on but the less powerful RRM U3 piggy back. Hopefully I can be even faster when we go back for the final round of the series at the end of October.

Thank you again to Eurocompulsion and the Jolly Club for their help and support and to Maxxis Tires and Hawk Performance for their great contingency programs.

Needless to say i have some thicker-walled vaccum line and some brass T-s ordered to get installed before the next outing!

Results from Sunday

1700 – TT Final Sunday