NASA Time Trials Memphis International Raceway April 22, 23 2017

I missed rounds 1 and 2 of the 2017 NASA Time Trials season. These were held at the National Corvette Museum.
I did very little to the car during the off-season; just regular maintenance.

Rounds 3 and 4 were held at the Memphis International Raceway.
Saturday it rained most of the morning and I stayed in the pits hoping the rain would stop and the track dry out. As this looked unlikely I changed to street tires during the lunch break so I could get some laps in and qualify for contingencies.

My road tires helped get through the standing water without hydroplaning but had very little grip. Also, we had to run through the hot pits as the coating they use on the drag strip is like ice as soon as it gets wet. I managed to get a 1:32 time which I was happy with considering and it got me 2nd place and one free Maxxis tire!

Saturday fast lap, official time 1:32.220

Sunday was dry thankfully so was able to put on a set of slicks. I had brought an old set that I probably should have trashed instead as they would not grip when putting the power down. However, I was able to get a run below 1:24 ( 1:21.504 is my personal best) so it wasn’t too bad and put me in 2nd place.
Contingencies paid another free Maxxis tire and $90 in Hawk bucks!

Sunday fast lap, official time 1:23.868