PCA Autocross Memphis International Raceway June 21 2014

It’s been a while since I attended one of the local Porsche Club America Autocross events. I needed to get some track time after upgrading the front bar and the Unichip tune so this was the perfect opportunity. They had a few more cones out than last time I raced with them which helped me a little!
There was a great turnout of 27 drivers. Unfortunately this meant we only got three runs each. I took it easy to start, not knowing how the latest suspension changes were going to behave. After my 3rd run I felt I was just getting back into my strideĀ andĀ I think I could have easily picked up a few more seconds if we had had more runs.
There were lots of folks on racing rubber; I was on summer street tires. Even so, I felt I put up a good fight; the Unichip tune certainly delivered on the power/torque front!

This was my 3rd run and my fastest run of the day.

Here are the results


SCCA Autocross Millington Jetport May 17, 18 2014

I missed the Saturday event. It had been raining all night and into the morning so I was not going to go. Then the rain stopped so I changed my mind. Right about then work called so that stopped me from going.

There was more rain Saturday night but it had stopped by Sunday morning. However, the track was still wet in places and extremely slippery where mud and grass were coming up through cracks in the surface. This made for a very challenging day. I wonder how much longer we will be able to use this old runway as the surface is getting very broken up.

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NASA Autocross Millington Jetport April 12 & 13 2014

Results and pictures coming soon.
For now, here is some video!
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AAD Replacement Torque Strut

stock mount
This is the stock Fiat lower torque mount. As you can see there is a lot of room around the central metal mounting point at the end that mounts to the chassis. The rubber surrounding that allows for plenty of movement as the engines in these cars like to move a lot. That rubber and the airgaps around it (hard to see in this picture) absorbs all of the vibrations from the engine so they are not transmitted to the body. The downside is that you will feel the gearshift move a lot as the gearbox/engine move and launches are not great as the engine will ‘twist’ in it’s mountings robbing some of that torque from the wheels.

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Eurocompulsion / HPSI Unichip Beta test

April 1 2014 –

My beta unit arrived on Friday March 28 and I hope to get it installed soon. The actual install should be quick but I first have to remove my Road Race Motorsports U3 piggy-back and that is a little more involved.
I had an Autocross Saturday and did not want to tear into the car so close to that event.

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SCCA Autocross Millington Jetport March 29 2014


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SCCA Autocross Millington JetPort February 22 & 23 2014


Matt’s Grigio Abarth

This was originally meant to be the first event of the season so Saturday was a test and tune day and Sunday the first points day of the season.
A total of 21 drivers recorded time during Saturday. We had a number of drivers visiting from Arkansas including Matt in his Grigio Abarth and Colton in his junior kart.

The day started off a little cold but dry. By the end of the day the sun had warmed things up nicely. For me it was great to finally have another Abarth running. Although this was Matt’s first Autocross he did extremely well. He is running in G Stock. I am running in Street Modified FWD this year due to the mods I have on the car. Matt posted 14th fastest raw time for the day.

I manged a 6th fastest raw time for the day which I was very happy with considering the competition!

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Installing an oil pressure gauge in your Abarth

I have parts on order and hope soon to be able to show the easiest way to install an oil pressure gauge in your Abarth. This is an important item and so far I have been unable to find anybody that has installed one.

All the parts have arrived. Now I just need some time to do a test install.

Please check back regularly….

Barber Motorsports Park February 15 & 16 2014

I had my first experiences with NASA HPDE (High Performance Driving Experience) late in 2013 at Memphis International Raceway.
I won a free 20-minute HPDE 1 session on track with an instructor which led me to purchase a second 20-minute session that afternoon and then another full day (five 20-minute sessions) of HPDE 1 in November.

When I heard in late 2013 that NASA Mid South was working with the South East region to put on a two day event at Barber Motorsports Park in February of 2014 I knew I had to go! I signed up for both days and booked a hotel. It turned into a family event. I drove down in my Abarth, my wife drove down with my track wheels, tires and tools in her Trailblazer and my step-son drove up very early Saturday morning from Gulf-shores to spend the weekend with us. We met up at the track with Jonathan (Woody Racing) who works at Fiat Birmingham and also owns an Abarth. Read more ›

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First Autocross event of 2014 – Charity runs to benefit RMH of Memphis – January 11.


TMCAutosport #51 Fiat 500 Abarth

The first event of the 2014 Autocross season in Memphis was jointly organized by the local branches of NASA, SCCA and PCA.
Originally scheduled for December, bad weather delayed it until January 11.
The event was held at Memphis International Raceway and all proceeds from the event went to the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis. Read more ›

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